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Home | For The Car | Cameras and Camera Mounts | Cameras | ChaseCam | TraqCam Complete Data Acquisition with Video

TraqCam Complete Data Acquisition with Video
TraqCam Complete Data Acquisition with Video Quantity in Basket: None
Code: TC-Complete
Price: $2,299.95
Choose Camera Mount Type :
Choose Power Cable Type :
Add a Display Mounting Bracket :
Choose Antenna Type :
Traqmate Battery Power :
Traqmate Sensor Unit Mounting :
Flash Memory Upgrade :
Add Data Input Module :
Add optional mount :

TraqCam Basic is the simplest and most cost-effective video and data system you can buy. By collecting synchronized data and video you get the best of everything. Play back the data with synchronized video with TraqStudio Video, our award-winning analysis software with built-in video and audio player. See exactly what you are doing on track to help you improve as a driver. When you combine the visual reference of video and real hard data you can quickly create your ideal driving technique. It's like having a professional training coach, you will get faster.

TraqCam Complete adds the lap timer display to your dash for instant lap times every lap! This display is also where the data is stored and makes download much easier compared to the TraqCam Basic.

Video Integration
Easily synchronize your video and data and create videos with data overlay for the ultimate track experience. When you collect data and video together with Traqmate and ChaseCam, there is no easier way to make great on-track videos. TraqStudio is powerful, easy to use, and completely integrated.

What is Traqmate?
The Traqmate is a vehicle data acquisition device that uses a high-speed GPS receiver and high resolution accelerometers to track and record the speed of a vehicle, its absolute location, and forces acting on the vehicle. The Track Systems TraqStudio analysis program uses advanced mathematical algorithms to translate this data into visual form where it is easy to spot differences between drivers, vehicles, and sessions.

3 main components
Traqmate Basic GPS Data Acquisition System, ChaseCam digital video recorder and camera, and TraqStudio data/video integration software.

Data Made Easy
Data acquisition has never been easier or more affordable. Installation consists of powering up, a GPS antenna, and some Velcro. Analysis is as easy as choosing your runs and hitting the PLAY button on the TraqStudio screen.

Powerful Software
Our unique and powerful TraqStudio software maps the track showing your line through the turns, speed and G-forces as they happen, braking points, acceleration points, and detailed printable graphs of every data input. You can configure and add drivers, vehicles, and tracks, quickly upload sessions, and get immediate results. Share and Compare your laps against your friends, other racers, and even yourself. Use Drag and Drop Sector Analysis to see who is faster in which turns and why. Play back an entire race in real-time, fast-forward, single-step, and even reverse!

Data Screen Shots
TraqStudio Video Screens

Multi-Car Playback
Multi-car Playback lets you create virtual races between different cars at different times on the same track. Zoom in to find out why your car was faster last time or why your friend is faster today. You can even create a Theoretical best lap based on segments, combined with video this instantly shows you how fast you can be....in theory ;) Take your data acquisition to the next level with TraqCam Basic.

Professional Grade
Professional race teams can't live without data acquisition. They use it to hone the performance of their cars and drivers for that winning edge. Now you can too.

Items included:

  • Traqmate Display Unit
  • Traqmate Sensor Unit with choice of cables
  • ChaseCam PDR-100 digital video recorder w/ cables, supercap battery backup
  • ChaseCam 600-line bullet camera w/ 5' Extension Cable
  • Choice of Bullet Camera Mount
  • TraqStudio data/video integration software
  • TraqSync ChaseCam and RPM Interface
  • 4 Gigabyte Compact Flash
  • NASA Member? Click here for Rebate Information!

Recommended Items (not included):

  • Display Unit Bracket
  • Choose one of the Data Input Modules so that you can input RPM, Chase Cam, and other Analog and Digital inputs.
  • A sensor unit mounting bracket will make life easier.
  • I/O Port highly recommends TraqCam Complete for the best, most complete data acquisition system!

NOTE: Low Quality Web Version, Gearing now standard.