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I/O Port Racing Supplies is located in Lafayette, California and was established in June of 1988. Specializing in safety equipment, I/O Port has grown from selling helmets and suits at local race events to having worldwide sales. We are constantly expanding our inventory to give you a more comprehensive source for racing goods. Recently we added the The JAWS Advanced Warning System now required by NASA for the 25-Hours of Thunderhill and Lucky Dog night endurance races. We also have added CTEK Battery Chargers, Red Line Brake Fluid, I/O Port Angled Window Nets, Radio and ChatterBox Cable Adapters and a ton of other equipment by major manufacturers such as ESS, Longacre, Kirkey, Safecraft and Simpson.

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I/O Port manufactures video camera mounts, electronic devices, mirrors, window nets, cool suits, tow straps, steering wheel adaptors, seat brackets and seat-back braces. All of these items were invented to fill a need in the racing field. We are constantly looking for other needs to fill. If you have an idea that you think we would be interested in, please call or email to let us know.

I/O Port distributes quality racing equipment offered by the leading manufacturers. These manufacturers haven't been resting on their laurels - they've been working hard to bring you cooler and lighter driving suits, safer and better fitting seats, and lighter, cooler helmets, for instance. When we bring in new products, we test them at the track. You can rest assured that each product is of the highest quality and offered to you at the lowest price possible.

I/O Port offers Sponsorship only in the form of contingencies to race organizations. We are proud to help sponsor the NorCal NASA, the NorCal SCCA, Thunderhill Raceway Park and the Race Drivers Club. We have been known to provide contingency sponsorship to the SCCA's RDC Enduro and the local chapter of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) recently received items for door prizes for their annual autocross school. Because we feel that everyone should be treated equally, we discount prices universally...we do not sponsor individual drivers.

Ken Myers, the founder and president of I/O Port is currently racing a Porsche 944 in the NASA 944Spec class. Ken's team, 2KenRacing, won the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 NorCal Championships. With over 30 years of racing experience and multiple championships, Ken offers great advice for both the beginner racer and the experienced. Winner of the 25-hours of Thunderhill and multiple Endurance Racing Championships, Ken can talk about different types of road racing. He has also dabbled in circle track racing, winning a few races there, too. Ken is a tech inspector for NASA specializing in the safety aspects of the car.

We offer our toll-free phone number, 1-800-949-5712, for your orders and helpful advice on our local number, 1-925-254-7223. Orders may be placed via the Internet starting right on this page using our secure server.

I/O Port Racing Supplies is the best source for your Auto Racing Safety Equipment. Other companies may sell cheap auto racing safety equipment, but we offer quality discount auto racing safety equipment. We have top name brands such as Allstar, AMB, Amerex, ATL, Autopower, Bell, ChatterBox, Coleman, Cool Shirt, CTEK Battery Chargers, ESS, Fuel Safe, Hama, HANS, HJC, Ice Vest, Kirk Racing, Kirkey, Longacre, MyLaps, OMP, Pyrotect, Racetech Seats, Recaro Seats, Red Line, Safecraft, Schroth, Simpson, Sytec Switches, and Wilwood. Of course we have our own brand, too! We have a staff of race drivers and tech inspectors to answer any of your questions. We have already answered many of these questions on our FAQ pages.

We are the number one supplier of Autopower roll bars and Autopower roll cages in the country. We also carry the full line of Autopower harness systems, Arm Restraints, Autopower window nets and installation kits. We carry the Kirkey aluminum race seats, including the Road Race Seat and Full Containment Seat. We have Pyrotect, Recaro and Racetech FIA-rated seats available too. We have the full line of Bell, HJC, Simpson and Pyrotect SA2020 helmets. Speaking of Simpson and Pyrotect, they also manufacture Race Driving Suits, Driving Gloves and Driving Shoes. We now offer OMP driving suits, gloves and shoes.

Many sanctioning bodies require the use of Head and Neck Restraints. I/O Port supports this step toward greater safety. Be sure the one that you choose is either FIA 8858-2010 or SFI-38.1 certified. The SFI certifies all these devices to a 70G load! I/O Port stocks the Head and Neck restraints from HANS and NecksGen. Simpson's R3, Hybrid, Hybrid Sport, Hybrid Pro, and the Hybrid-X devices are all SFI-certified. Both the HANS and the Hybrid are also certified for FIA and NASCAR. HANS with post anchors are FIA certified. Each device offers different comfort, ease-of-use and price points. If you would like any one of these devices, we now have stock in a variety of sizes. Which is the best Head and Neck restraint? The question is which one is the best for you. I/O Port gives you a choice! Call us to discuss your needs.

Longacre Scales and Longacre Chassis Set Up Equipment (such as toe gauges, caster/camber gauges and bump steer gauges) will help you set up your race car to go faster. We carry the Longacre tire pressure gauges, pyrometers and Tireliefs for keeping your tires at the right pressure. Look to I/O Port Racing Supplies to provide your Longacre gauge panels and switch panels. Longacre also makes many other items such as helmet hooks, radio boxes, race steering wheels, hood pin kits and pit gloves.

MyLaps (formerly AMB) makes both the Direct Powered and the Rechargeable Transponder that will provide a signal to your track's timing system. These transponders are required by such organizations as NASCAR, SCCA and NASA.

Traqmate has been discontinued but used to make data acquisition hardware and software. I/O Port still stocks some accessories for your Traqmate, all of this at a very reasonable price. Note: we also have an interface to capture your radio or ChatterBox communications onto your video camera! If you need a radio or intercom system, we have those, too.

ATL, Fuel Safe and Pyrotect Fuel Cells are also heavily discounted. We carry their full line of fuel cells, dry breaks, fuel jugs, quick fill dump cans, aircraft style flush caps and fender fillers. ATL Fuel Cells are not completely on our on-line catalog at this time. Call us for the best prices.

Schroth is a German manufacturer of harnesses. We offer both their street 3-point and 4-point DOT-legal belts and the Schroth FIA-certified racing harnesses. Very popular is the Schroth 6-point harness for HANS -- in stock! The C5R right side net by Simpson is the strongest, safest in the industry.

And, finally, I/O Port Racing Supplies has our own line of racing equipment. We offer several Video Camera Mounts for your race car and track car. These mounts feature vibration damping and 3-axis adjustment. The I/O Port Seat Back Braces and I/O Port Seat Brackets are a great way to mount all aluminum race seats. I/O Port offers a Momo and Sparco steering wheel adaptor that converts your 3-bolt steering wheel quick release to a 6-bolt Momo or Sparco steering wheel. I/O Port Racing Supplies also offers 14" and 17" panoramic mirrors with brackets that weld to your roll cage. We have window nets and tow straps. Our TVC15 Radio-to-Camera Interface now allows you to record all your radio communications onto your in-car video!