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Drag Racing Fuel Cells

Designed for the budget racer who wants the best cell possible for the lowest price. Drag Fuel Cells come complete with full foam baffling, flush cap assembly, gasket, pick-up assembly, and a 2-year warranty.

Drag Cells come in a wide range of sizes - click link for complete size chart.

Note: Should be mounted in the main confines of the chassis and roll cage, not designed for high-impact situations.

Standard Equipment Optional Equipment

 • Very Durable Cross Linked Polyethylene Fuel Cell
 • Full Foam Baffling
 • 2-1/2" Sump
 • Two 1/2" Pick-up fittings and one 1/2" Vent Check Valve Fitting
 • Flush Mount Aircraft Style Cap

 • Remote Filler
 • Sending Unit
 • 1" Vent Check Valve Fitting