Driver Coaching at NASA NorCal Events

Driver Coaching using Data Acquisition with Video Overlay at All NASA NorCal Events:

Brought to you by: I/O Port Racing Supplies and NASA

Other sports have coaches, but racing has not, until recently. Sure, we have instructors, but fine tuning the driver was rarely done, except at the most professional levels. Now you can find out what is holding you back with our coaching services using Traqmate Data Acquisition with Video Overlay! Our one-on-one coaching service gives you the individual attention you demand. We will help you define your goals and achieve them! We will help you develop the skills to drive your car at your limits and then expand your limits to the limits of the race car. Allow us to help you maximize your performance. Our coaching service is not designed for the professional driver. Rather we work exclusively with NASA racers and HPDE drivers. We will help you advance to the next level at an accelerated pace. To help you achieve your goals, we use Traqmate Data Acquisition with Video Overlay. We will put one of our systems in your car to get a track map, lap times, g-forces, braking and acceleration points, and much more all synched up to your on-track video!

What’s holding you back?:
As racers and drivers we have all gotten to a point where we just can’t seem to drive any faster, yet we are not yet winning. How do we get to the next level? I/O Port’s proven coaching services can help. Whether it is the bypass at Thunderhill or the Carousel at Sears Point (Infineon), we can help you to understand what you might be doing wrong and how you can correct it.

“I cut 3 seconds off my lap time during the first day using the Traqmate data system and I/O Port’s coaching services. Ken was able to show me exactly where I was losing time and how to correct for it. I highly recommend his services.”
Steve Krshul, Spec E30 driver
and NorCal Spec E30 Series Director

What is included:

  • Traqmate data acquisition with in-car timing display and camera installed in your car for 1-day, up to 4 track sessions.
  • Professional consultation before and after each session.
  • DVD of your data and video that you can play back at your leisure.

    What it costs:
    $500 per day includes the rental of the equipment and everything listed above. Your lap times will improve, we guarantee it!

    The numbers don’t lie!

    “On Saturday at Infineon we installed the equipment and used the qualifying session to set a base line at 2.01.3. After the coaching sessions and set up changes my best lap time for the race on Sunday was 1.56.1. The numbers don’t lie... My times improved thanks to the Traqmate Data Acquisition and driver improvement program!”
    Dan Kooken
    Baby Grand driver and satisfied customer

    I’m just a HPDE driver in a street driven car. Will this work for me?:
    Yes! We have the equipment to put the system in your car without damage. We can get the same information from the data acquisition equipment as when we put it in the race cars. Now is the time to learn the fastest way around the track and stop those bad habits. You will never be faster doing exactly the same things every lap. Find out which things to change! Coaching is not for everyone, however. You need to be at least in group 3, well past the instruction phase of group 1 and 2. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to graduate up to the next group level or just knock a few tenths off your lap time.

    About the equipment:
    Traqmate Data Acquisition equipment is the best value on the market today. The hardware uses high-speed GPS for track mapping and timing and high-resolution 5-g accelerometers for measuring vehicle dynamics. It has up to 4 analog and 7 digital inputs. It is simple to install and start collecting data. Later, if you want more data, you can install sensors such as steering wheel position, brake pressure, throttle position or shock travel, to name a few. When it comes to data acquisition, it is not just about the hardware, it is about the software. Only Traqmate offers the features of high-end equipment at an affordable price. The software is amazing and, in fact, it is award-winning! As shown in the photo below, the software will show your data synched up with your video. Track map, friction circle, braking and acceleration points, graphs and charts are all available for analysis. You can overlay your data on top of someone else’s and see where you are in comparison. When using the software’s sophisticated track segment feature, you can find the fastest way around each corner. The software even figures out how fast you could have been if you combined your best segment times into one lap, called Theoretical Best Lap.

    If you choose to purchase the equipment:
    I/O Port Racing Supplies is an authorized Traqmate dealer. All the items that we rent we also offer for sale. You can start out with the Traqmate Basic for just $699, but the best package–the TraqCam Complete that we use in our coaching sessions–will also include the in-car display unit, software and the integrated video camera for just $2099. Many options are available. If you decide to purchase the TraqCam Complete system within 2 weeks of your driver coaching session, we will apply $100 of your coaching fee toward this purchase.

    I wanted to thank you for the coaching and data acquisition downloads this weekend. Our Saturday coaching sessions paid off significantly on Sunday. I clearly coasted less, had better braking and was on the gas earlier in the turns. I was more consistent and confident. I now feel ready for a racing license.
    Austin Ford, Jr.

    About the Coach:
    Coach Ken Myers has over 25 years of race driving experience. After many years driving with the PCA and SCCA, Ken came to NASA in 1995 as an instructor. He quickly became class champion in 1996 and 1997 in endurance racing. In 1998 Ken drove a Pro7 car to a top 10 finish in the championship. In 1999 and 2000, Ken dabbled in circle track racing at the infamous Altamont Raceway winning over half the races entered. Ken retired from racing, but the track was calling him back. In 2006 he could stay away no longer. He won the E2 Class Championship and the 25-hour Enduro at Thunderhill. Currently racing in the 944Spec class, Ken earned class championships in his last two seasons. Over the years, Ken has accumulated many championships in autocross, time trials and road racing.

    Our driver coaching services are brought to you by I/O Port, Inc. at all NASA NorCal Region events. You will need to sign up with I/O Port by calling 1-800-949-5712. Sign up early! At this time, there are only two spots available per weekend. Payment is made to NASA. A separate rental/damage agreement will be required. Satisfaction guarantee is limited to the maximum of the return of your full payment.