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Enduro FIA-legal Fuel Cells

Our Enduro Cell® line of racing fuel cells offers full FIA-FT3 approval at an affordable price. Built from high strength molded “rubber” components, the Enduro Cell® is a favorite with off road racers and circle track teams. Designed for use with all hydrocarbon fuels and E85 blend and alcohol (alcohol use requires the removal of foam baffling), the Enduro Cell® line of fuel cells from Fuel Safe® delivers excellent performance at a great price.

All Enduro Cell® racing cells come complete with:

  • High strength, FIA-FT3 certified Enduro Cell® bladder.
  • Powder coated 20 gauge steel container with external mounting flange.
  • Full safety foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion.
  • SF6X10E fill plate comes standard with a -8 pickup, -8 return, -8 rollover vent valve, high quality threaded aluminum fill cap and a sending unit provision. 
  • Aircraft grade nut ring and gasket.
  • Fuel pickup assembly, factory installed.
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Recommended upgrades: surge tank, sending unit, lightweight aluminum can and more!
  • Made in the USA.
  • Free Shipping on all Fuel Cells!