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For the SpecE46 Race Car

I/O Port's company project car is a SpecE46. This is our R&D car designed to test new and innovative parts. While many of the parts of the SpecE46 are, well, Spec, other parts are open. Our build will include:
  • Autopower SpecE46 weld-in cage.
    • Our 330CI will be the prototype car and the cage will be built to I/O Port specs.
    • Look for some great features at a great price!
  • ESS 2.3L Fire system.
  • Autopower CamLock harness.
  • Kirkey aluminum SFI-rated seat.
  • I/O Port Window Net, Seat Back Brace, Camera Mounts, TVC15, JAWS unit, etc.
  • Joes Window Net top rod mount.
  • Apex Wheels and wheel spacers.
  • Core4 Press-in wheel studs and Flug Nuts.
  • NRG steering wheel quick release with OMP steering wheel.
  • Custom Switch Panels.
  • I/O Port inner door handle shrouds.
  • I/O Port Mirror Control mount.
  • I/O Port Powered Transponder Bracket.
  • I/O Port Panoramic Mirror and Weld-in Brackets.
  • Bell BR8 Forced Air helmet with custom blower.
  • Cool Shirt cooler.
  • I/O Port Electrical Master Battery Switch kit.
  • I/O Port Vinyl Graphics.
  • Other I/O Port items as we develop the car.

This is a new build, so stay tuned for this area of our site to be populated with items.