Radio-to-Camera Interface, I/O Port

Price: $199.95
Product ID : TVC15
Manufacturer: I/O Port Racing Supplies
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I/O Port Racing Supplies introduces the new Radio-to-Camera Interface.

This new unit will allow you to record the communications between the driver, pit crew and spotters with your in-car video camera. The ambient sounds in the car are also captured with a remote microphone. It works with all brands of race radios utilizing a standard 5-pin connector harness. We have optional IMSA and NASCAR versions as well.

Imagine hearing all of the spotters' information, the pit crew's comments, and all of the driver's intended (and unintended) comments. The ambient sounds in the car will be clean, without all the wind noise common with many cameras' built-in microphones. Use your in-car video for sharing and for driver and crew improvement. Your in-car videos will sound so much better!

Made in the USA.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Driver's helmet must have standard microphone and earphone wiring harness.
  • Car radio harness must have the standard 5-pin connectors
    • 4-conductor IMSA connectors or 3-conductor NASCAR versions optional at extra charge.
  • Video camera must have an 1/8" 3-conductor microphone input.
    • Compatible with GoPro Hero2, ChaseCam, Contour+2, SmartyCam SD and the newest GP HD version, Replay XD720 and XD1080 and many others.
    • The Replay XD Prime X has a line-level input so you will need a pre-amp.
    • GoPro Hero3, Hero 4 and Hero 5 microphone adapter available separately from GoPro dealers.
    • 1/8" 2-conductor microphone connection with our optional adapter (needed for Contour+2 and SmartyCam SD).
  • External Microphone: Electret condenser (recommended) or dynamic microphone, with 1/8" mono plug.
  • Power: Standard 9V battery–will last for at least 9-10 weekends.

Just unplug your car's radio from the car harness at the 5-pin connector. Plug the radio into the TVC15 and the car harness in, too. Then plug in the audio cable from the TVC15 into your camera. Plug your external microphone into the TVC15. Turn on the TVC15, radio and your camera and you are good to go. The volumes should be just right straight out of the box, but if not, we provide gain controls that you can adjust.


  • Connectors to Radio Harness
    • Standard 5-Pin Connectors
    • 4-Conductor IMSA-style Plug (Add $50)
    • 3-Conductor NASCAR-style Plug (Add $50)
    • ChatterBox adapter cable for use with radios or ChatterBox (Add $50)
    • New, ChatterBox-only edition also available.
  • Remote Microphone (Add $10)
  • 9-Volt Battery (Add $5)

How to determine which one to get:

The brand of radios do not matter. Your camera must have an audio input with a 3.5mm (1/8") audio jack. If your camera has a stereo jack, then that is all you need. If a mono jack, then we have an adapter for that.

The TVC15 also plugs into the radio wiring harness. To accommodate all types of wiring harnesses, we offer 3 versions of the TVC15. The simplest is to plug into the 5-pin connector which is located on many wiring harnesses near the radio. The harness will plug into the radio. If you follow the cable back from the radio toward your helmet there should be a 5-pin connector. This is where we intercept the radio communications. Some harnesses do not have this connector and we have to go further back the harness to where the helmet plugs in. This will be a NASCAR or IMSA connector. We can also plug in here. These versions of the TVC15 are more costly to make so we charge extra for them compared to the standard 5-pin connector.

For the best audio, we also recommend a remote microphone to pick up ambient sound from the car. This option is $10. The TVC15 requires a 9V battery (not included). This battery is $5 if you don't have one already.

The audio is recorded by your camera in real time. Our audio takes the place of the normal audio that you would otherwise have recorded by the camera and takes no more memory in your camera than before.

Sample Videos:

The video sample below will give you an idea of what your videos could sound like with the TVC15 added. Note: This video is compressed for file size, but the audio is unaltered. Spotter speaks at 2:31. This sample was taken during a NASA race at Thunderhill Park.

This video shows a comparison of a standard GoPro camera sound with that captured with the TVC15 and remote microphone.

The video below is a 10-minute clip with much more extensive use of the TVC15. This was taken from the 2-car effort of the Krider/Kramer team at the NASA WERC 3-hour Enduro at Sears Point (Sonoma Raceway), November, 2013. The 38 car took the win in class E2.

Installation Instructions:

The video below is a short installation guide to the TVC15. Scott Cornell installs a TVC15 into the Krider Racing 38 car at a Sears Point event. See how fast and easy it is to install.

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