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Deluxe Memory Pyrometer Quick Start Instructions for L50690

See full instructions for details and further information. Pyrometer will always begin in Mode 1 when powered on.

Memory Pyrometer – Mode 1

  • Plug in probe:  Note wide and narrow spades on plug. Do not force it.
  • Turn on & clear display:  Any temps must be cleared to take new readings. Save old temps in Memory if needed. Push CLEAR DISPLAY button and hold for 2 seconds.
  • Order of temps:  Takes temps in the following order:  RF, RR, LR, LF. Take outside first, center, then inside. Active temp is indicated by an arrow. You can also take temps in any order by pushing the small buttons by the wheel on the car icon.
  • Taking temps:  Stick probe into tire and push READ button. Leave the probe in the tire until the display moves. Pyrometer will read the correct temp, freeze it on the display and move to the next location. The pyrometer uses “Anticipation circuitry” to compute the final temp so you don’t have to wait for it to stabilize. RE-READ button backs up 1 location.
  • Store in memory:  Push STORE IN MEMORY button & Memory # at the same time.
  • Recall memory:  Simply push and hold any Memory #.
  • Clear memory:  Push CLEAR MEMORY & Memory # at the same time and hold for 2 seconds.

Temperature Averaging – Mode 2

  • To get into Average or AVG Mode 2 push MODE once:  Any temps that were on the display will stay. Push the MODE button 3 times to cycle back to taking temps in Mode 1. You must display all 12 temps to Average.
  • To display Average temps use the Memory buttons:
    1. Average of the 3 recorded temps for all 4 tires
    2. Front and rear averages and difference
    3. Right and left averages and difference
    4. Diagonal averages – RF/LR and LF/RR –and differences
    5. Recalls the actual temps you are averaging
  • To recall temps to Average:  Push the Memory button where the temps are stored and hold it for 3 seconds. Those temps will come up onto the display. Then you can display the Averages as above. These will stay until cleared.
  • To enter temps to Average:  CLEAR DISPLAY first –hold button for 2 seconds. Use the Memory buttons 1-10 to enter the temps. After each temp is entered push the READ button to record the temp and move to the next. Must enter temps in the same order you would actually take them. All 12 must be entered to Average. Display Averages as above.

Memory Stopwatch – Mode 3

  • To get into Stopwatch Mode 3 push MODE twice:  Stopwatch Mode will time up to 4 different cars with 70 lap memory. Push the MODE button twice again to cycle back to taking temps in Mode 1. Mode 2 is temp averaging, Mode 4 is interval timing.
  • Use Memory buttons #1 to 4 to start timing:  They are marked TIME and correspond to #1 to 4 on the display to time up to 4 different cars.
  • To start timing push #1 button (or 2, 3 or 4):  The display will show the time running. At the end of lap 1 push the same Memory button. The time for lap 1 will stay on the display. Press the Memory button again at the end of lap 2. The last timed lap will stay on the display. Lap counter is automatic.
  • Watch lap times run:  Push the Memory button to the right of the timing button you are using to see the current running time - #6 for #1, #7 for #2, etc. They are marked RUN.
  • Stop timing & reset:  Push the timing button #1 to 4 and hold 2 seconds to reset only that one. Push CLEAR DISPLAY to reset all 4.
  • Automatic shut off after 10 minutes of no timing:  To save battery. Times running are lost but not Memory. Powers back up in Mode 1.
  • Recall times from memory:  Push RECALL LAP TIMES. Use RF (or LF) and RR (or LR) to scroll up & down. Push again to return to timing. Recall Memory is indicated by an M appearing after the lap # for car 1 – as in   - #1    17.63    L2M.
  • To clear memory:  In Stopwatch Mode push CLEAR MEMORY and hold for 2 seconds. All times will be erased so you can start fresh. No tire times will be erased as long as you are in Stopwatch Mode.

Interval Timing – Mode 4

  • To get into Interval Timing Mode 4 push MODE 3 times:  Any temps that were on the display will stay. Push the MODE button once again to cycle back to taking temps in Mode 1.
  • To time intervals use the Memory buttons as follows:
    1. Times like a normal watch –every lap plus lap count
    2. Times a single event only –part of a lap, then resets
    3. Same as #2
    4. Same as #2
  • To time less than a full lap:  To start push Memory #2, 3 or 4. This starts the timing. At the end of the interval push #2 (or 3 or 4) again. The time will be displayed and stop. You can time 3 different intervals (segments) of each lap. #1 can also be used to get overall lap times.
  • Recall from memory:  Lap times and interval times will be automatically stored in memory. Recall by pushing RECALL LAP TIMES and use arrows (RF or LF and RR or LR)  to scroll up and down.

Deluxe Memory Pyrometer Display