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Pyrotect Suit Sizing Instructions

Standard and Custom Suit Measurement Data
1) Have measurements taken by a tailor or seamstress.
2) Take measurements over t-shirt and comfortable pants, position belt
where you want it to appear on suit.
3) Make all measurements, using cloth tape, to center of belt.
4) Show exact measurements. We will add "ease" as required.

Key measurements are your Neck, Height, Weight, Suit Size, Pants Size and Shirt Size.

Suit Sizing Image

Take Measurements Carefully:
A) Sleeve - Base of neck to wrist, elbow bent
B) Underarm to anklebone
C) Waist at belt line
D) Inseam - crotch seam to anklebone
E) Trunk : 1. collarbone to waist 2. waist to crotch seam 3. crotch seam to waist
F) Shoulder blade - seam to seam via the neck
G) Chest - circumference at underarms
H) Hips - greatest circumference
I) Thighs below crotch
J) Middle of calf circumference
K) Circumference of base of ribcage (beer belly)
L) Back center - base of neck to waist
M) Outseam - waist to anklebone
N) Front waist through crotch to back waist: N must equal E2 + E3
O) Biceps
P) Forearm at wrist
Q) Collar bone through to neck: Q must equal L + N + E1