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Installation Instructions for CM1 and CM2 Video Camera Mount



Determine where on the roll cage the camera mount can be placed so that the camera can “see” what the driver sees. When placing the mount, you should try to keep the unit as compact as possible to avoid long lever arms and low-frequency vibrations.

Use the carriage bolts through the inside holes for bars 1½" diameter and under; use the outside holes for bars over 1½" in diameter. Sandwich the roll bar between the mount and clamps, then secure with 4 Nylock nuts.

Adjust the entire assembly until proper camera alignment is achieved, then tighten the 4 nuts and 3 adjusting knobs.


Secure the camera to the head by first threading the inner bolt into the camera and then tightening the outer knob until secure.


Shoot some video while driving to assure proper alignment. Adjust if necessary.

Video Camera MountCheck the security of the mount before each race. The SCCA GCR rule #11.2.1.AA requires a second security device. The security strap supplied with your Video Camera Mount, when it is installed as shown, has proven to satisfy this rule. We recommend its use for extra safety in case of an accident and to minimize vibrations. Be sure the strap is threaded between the roll bar and the base of the mount and between the camera and its handle. Tighten until the strap is taut. Note: Adjust this tether so that the camera cannot contact the driver. You may also wish to attach a second strap (not provided) between the camera and the right rear roll bar brace to achieve this goal. Some sanctioning bodies may require you to drill and safety-wire the adjusting knobs of the pan-tilt head.