Battery to Direct Power Transponder Conversion, I/O Port

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Product ID : Transponder-Conv
Manufacturer: I/O Port Racing Supplies
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I/O Port now offers the service of changing your battery powered AMB Transponder to a direct power unit. If you have an old style transponder with the screw cover as shown, we can either replace the batteries or change it over to a direct power unit. Send us your transponder and allow a couple of weeks for service and testing. We will return it to you using the shipping method chosen on checkout.

If opting for battery replacement, we will change the batteries out and run them through 2 charge cycles and test for transmit to make sure that everything is working correctly. We cannot check to see if it is actually transmitting your serial number, but we can check for signal. New batteries will have 4-5 days of run time and are guaranteed for 1 year.

If opting for a direct power conversion, the process does not take as long as we don't have to cycle the batteries. We will still test for transmit signal. Please choose the length of wire you wish. We provide crimped on connectors for your wiring ease.

If your LED indicator light has failed, we can replace that too (at an extra cost). We will contact you about any issues we run into.

Occasionally we encounter a transponder that is just dead and cannot be revived. If this is the case, we will contact you for your options.

How to check if your old-style rechargeable transponder can be converted to direct power

Items you'll need:

  • Your old-style (with screws on the front) transponder
    • We can convert both TranX260 and TranX160 transponders
  • Your transponder's charger (plus applicable power source)
  • Portable AM radio

The process:

  • Place your transponder into the charger and allow it to charge for at least 2 minutes.
  • Turn on the AM radio and tune it to an area between stations (you should hear noise).
  • Place the AM radio next to the transponder. You may hear a squeal from the radio.
  • Remove the transponder from the charger base, keeping it next to the radio.
  • If you hear a squeal from the radio immediately upon removing the transponder from the charger, place the transponder back into the charger. If the squeal stops when you place the transponder back into the charger, your transponder is NOT a candidate for conversion to direct power.
  • If you hear a squeal from the radio when the transponder is in the charger base, and the squeal continues when you remove it from the charging base, your transponder IS a candidate for conversion to direct power.

After you place your order, please send your transponder to:
I/O Port, Inc.
14 Juniper Drive
Lafayette, CA 94549

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