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Most modern lubricants work for their intended application. But most automotive lubricants are made for normal automotive service, not 100+ mph, high rpm, or endurance racing. Under high-performance conditions we see dramatic differences and failings of many conventionally formulated lubricants. For more than 20 years Red Line has manufactured high-performance synthetic lubricants that work under the demanding conditions of high-performance driving. Reducing friction is the major goal of engine lubricants, but the detergents used in most motor oils compete with the friction reducers for the metal surface. Racing Oils manufactured by Red Line do not contain as many detergents, so less compromise has to be made. Use Red Line street motor oil for your street/track car.

Red Line lubricants excel in wear protection and foam prevention. Red Line will also reduce lubricant temperatures significantly as well as withstand high temperatures without decomposition. Dyno tests have shown Red Line to give 2-4% improvement in power.