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Safecraft Novec 1230 Fire Systems

A word about Halon extinguishers and systems–the U.S. government has phased out the production of Halon because some scientists believe it is causing ozone depletion. SafeCraft has stopped production of Halon fire extinguishing systems as of January 1, 2016. SafeCraft will still service Halon systems well into the future. We now offer the SafeCraft Novec 1230 Halon substitute. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions on Fire Extinguishers and Systems or call us concerning questions and new developments.

All Halon-substitute fire extinguishers and systems will have a $35 hazardous product shipment fee in addition to the normal shipping charge for Ground and a $100 fee for Air shipments. ESS AFFF Fire Systems have a $9.95 HAZMAT fee.