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I/O Port is proud to add Apex Wheels to our growing list of offerings. Apex is known for their high-quality wheels and componets. I/O Port has chosen Apex wheels for our BMW SpecE46 company race car. Their ARC-8 flow formed wheels are a great cross between strength and affordability. With great looks and a variety of colors, these are the wheels top teams are choosing. Apex's new VS-5RS will be released soon. The VS-5RS wheels are forged and offer significant strength increases with even lower weight. In fact, the VS-5RS wheel in 17" x 9" was specifically designed to the SpecE46 rules and features a weight of just 16.2 pounds! While they cost a bit more than the flow formed wheels, they offer the peak in performance. Look for this wheel soon on our site.
I/O Port is also offering wheel accessories including wheel spacers, wheel studs and longer wheel bolts.